Killer irukandji: One more damn thing to worry about

As a result (maybe) of global warming, the incredibly toxic, prolific, and all-but-invisible box jellyfix or irukandji (Carukia barnesi and similar species) are poised to become the dominant life-form in the world’s oceans.   Or at least ruin your warm-water vacation.   Declining populations of sea turtles, a major jelly predator, may also be contributing to the impending ecotastrophe.

The swarms of jellyfish are multiplying in the Western extent of the Pacific ocean and threatening 20,000 miles of coastline off Japan, Irian Jaya, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

In the film scientists conclude that they swim towards land because it is easier to kill their main prey – fish – in shallow water off the coast which puts them on a dangerous and potentially fatal collision course with unwary swimmers.   [Telegraph]

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