Not that many will care, but since quitting Facebook I wanted to still keep in better touch with all the blogs I used to follow, so I’ve started using the Sage RSS reader  in Firefox to keep up to date.   It works pretty well, and is a lot easer to manage (for me) than Google Reader or some other services I’ve tried.

I also follow a ton of stuff over on tumblr, but that is another story.

4 Responses to “Sage”

  1. 1 Michael May

    Just out of curiosity: why’d you quit Facebook? I’m always interested in hearing why people pick the types of social networks they do.

  2. 2 Buck

    I use RSS Ticker but I’ll give Sage a whirl.

    Appreciated seeing your delayed PacCup entries.

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  4. 4 David

    Bowthrusters are for people who lack basic seamanship skills.

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