Corinthian Midwinters I

Temerity is doing the Corinthian Midwinter Regatta this year.  The regatta takes place over two weekends, the first was January 15-16.    We placed 7/12 in our Division on Day 1, and 2/4 of the Olson 34s, and on Day 2 placed 3/12  for the Division and 1/4 out of the Olsons.  I am very happy with how well we did against the other Olsons!

Saturday Crew:  David, Linda, Paul E., Paul H., Fred, War Dog.

Sunday Crew: David, Steve, Paul H., Fred, Ralph

Photos by Fred, except those not by Fred.

Our tracks.   Day 1 in blue, Day 2 in yellow.   Note the drifting back and forth in front of Alcatraz, and the retrograde motion entering Raccoon Strait on Day 1 — it was very light

War Dog sets the pole as we head downwind.

Razzberries is  an Olson 34, sister ship to Temerity.

Linda looking good trimming the spin.

Hampton Shoal Light Platform.

CYC at night.

Some GGYC guys that Fred knows.

I scored a free dinner for Chris-from-Santa-Cruz (?)

Below:  John, Jennifer, George, Barb, and Walter stopped in to help win the party in the cabin Saturday night.

Sunday morning.    We started a minute late, I did  not hear the gun.

The Death Spear with War Dog and Dan Alvarez make a high-speed pass.

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  1. 1 Buck

    Great photos! Looks like a good time was had by all. Love the parting photo…

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    Just wanna say that this is very beneficial, Thanks for taking your time to write this.

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