Tsunami in Surf City

Pictures and video from Jeremy of Surf City Sailing, in Santa Cruz.    There was significant surging in the S.C. harbor, reportedly 10 boats and at least one floating dock have sunk.    Nothing like what has happened in Japan, but people are very nervous here on the California Coast.

As reported by Jeremy on S/A

Santa Cruz Harbor is fucked! At least 10 sunken boats of various ilk. My Newport 33 is still secure, but the dock next door is nonexistant… along with all of the boats that were tied to her. It’s a mess, and the whole place was in panic mode. This aint gonna be pretty when the dust settles. Gotta go deal, it’s still surging.


The initial surge hit around 8:10am. The harbor basically sucked dry, and you could see sand almost all the way across the entrance. Lots of keels in the mud. Then the harbor filled with the strength of whitewater rapids. As it filled, looking south from the bridge which bisects the lower harbor from the upper harbor, I could see the masts raise like the wave at a baseball game. It was surreal to watch. This initial wave loosened several boats, and cracked ‘U’ Dock away from its pilings.

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  1. 1 Bonnie

    ouch. Not like Japan, but still, ouch.

  2. 2 William Schueler

    My son used to work for “Washington Crab” Westport,WA still has a house about 1/4 mile off the beach near there. He would call us in Kansas to tell us he was heading to the “Hills”because they had”Tsunami Warning”so don’t try to call them. Well I asked him what happens to the big commercil fishing fleet in Westport Harbor when there is a “Warning”? He said they all go out to “Sea” to ride it out, since in deep water the “Tsunami”is just a large “Swell” untill it reaches the shallow water.

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