Corinthian MidWin Bonus Pursuit

The Moore 24 JR chases the Olson 34 Temerity. ©2011

To paraphrase Eliot, this is the way the Corinthian MidWins ends.      We (David, Char, Paul H., Stephen A., Nick, Linda, and Kim) got off to a bit of a late start for the soggy last day (a pursuit race around Angel Island) of the 2.5 weekend series.     I decided not to set the spin in the blustery conditions (along with much of the rest of the fleet),  and we finished in the back of the pack.   It was too chilly even for the usual Dark and Stormys at the dock.    Char was quite a trooper though, bravely hanging in even after a bout of seasickness on the delivery to the race.

Our delivery home was even more memorable — four hours of slogging against a heavy ebb, steep chop, rain,  and southerly winds right on the nose that gusted over 30 kts at times.     Speed over the ground passing TI was a blistering 1.5 kts. 

While the rest of our doughty crew headed to their homes and well-deserved hot showers, Char and I treated ourselves (still dressed in foulies) to a late dinner at Speisekammer, where we wolfed down schnitzel and boar while listening to a live jazz band.  

NorCalSailing’s writeup is here

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