IYC DH Lightship 2012

The DH Lightship ended not with a bang, but a cold and wet whimper as all but 5 of the 36 entrants retired in the face of light winds, bumpy vomit-inducing seas, and the flood tide that started all too early for most.   As you can see from the track above, we were among the retirees.   My crew was Gilles Combrison of GC Marine, who has done most of the rigging and deck work on Temerity over the last two years.

We had a good start, as most of Div A was fooled by the Race Committee’s mistake of starting the race 5 minutes earlier than had been stated in the SI’s.   The First Warning was meant to be at 0900, with the first start at 0905, but they started the sequence at 0855.  It was light, light, light though, and the lighter speedsters pulled ahead.   We set our somewhat baggy 0.75 oz runner and tried to make do reach-to-reach jibing to keep boatspeed up, the angles be damned.    It was cold and there was a heavy drizzle much of the time.   Eventually, we realized that we had spent 4 hours covering 25% of the course distance, with the wind only expected to get lighter later on.  So we bailed.   Well at least it was good practice of a sort, and I enjoyed sailing with Gilles.   Hopefully he can join us later in the season and we will have some better weather!

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