Temerity’s Policy

Written in response to a request from the PacCup Chief Inspector.

Here is our harness/tether policy:

We are double-handed.  It is understood that a MOB in all but the mildest of conditions will more than likely not be recoverable.

I have just received two brand new Wichard double-hook tethers, the kind with the glow in the dark ends.

I also have new jacklines to replace the old ones that are wearing out from UV exposure.  These are special flat nylon webbing specifically designed for lifelines with 7000 lb breaking strength, and custom sized to our vessel.

We are presently sourcing new Spinlock PFD/Harnesses which come in S/M/L for better comfort and fit.  We will carry the older gear as backup along with recharge kits.

The policy of the boat is for all crew to be wearing PFD/harness and clipped in at all times outside the Gate, except when bathing, when a simple harness will be worn.

The crew on watch will carry our Standard Horizon HX851 handheld radio on his/her person, which has  DSC/GPS  capability, which along with our in-cockpit AIS display should facilitate MOB location if necessary.    I am also looking to get 2 of the newly approved  Kannand R10 AIS MoB beacons to be worn inside the PFDs.

Thank you,

David Nabors

S/V Temerity


3 Responses to “Temerity’s Policy”

  1. 1 Tom

    While I understand “WHY” Spinlock PFD/Harnesses are not U.S. Coast Guard Approved, will the PacCup Chief Inspector for a U.S. race consider them qualifying tools for safety?

  2. 2 Sylvia Seaberg

    The DeckVest Spinlock PFD/Harnesses will be considered qualifying tools because they meet the following criteria under OSR Section Five – Personal Equipment, 5.01.1:
    Each crew member shall have a lifejacket as follows:
    a) In accordance with ISO 12402-3 (Level 150) or equivalent, ISO 12402 requires Level 150 lifejackets to be fitted with a mandatory whistle and retro-reflective material. Also, when fitted with a safety harness, ISO 12402 requires that this shall be the full safety harness in accordance with ISO 12401. Any equivalent lifejacket shall have equal requirements.

    In other words, the DeckVest Spinlock Harness is ISO 12402-3 (life jacket) and ISO 12401 (deck harness) approved.

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