Routing furball

Even though I almost certainly don’t have enough time, I am still seeing if I can get a simplified router working with GRIBs and my polars.    The right way to do this would be the ‘nudged elastic band’ method, but it is complicated and I don’t have time to figure it out.    The Furball is a more brute-force approach, so let’s see how far we can run with it.  Here we are using real winds and O-34 polars, with time step of 3 hours and a random change of heading of [-10,10]deg at each time step.     The wind for the duration of the timestep is assumed constant.   There are 240 trails propagated over 6 days.   Radii from the finish are drawn in 100nm rings.

I didn’t want to get Expedition because it is expensive, I don’t trust my polars all that much, and even if I did I doubt we can average even 80% of what the polars  promise.   And I will look at the GRIBs and use my judgement at the end of the day, anyway.   This Mathematica program will probably choke my little netbook, to boot!

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  1. 1 Michael Moradzadeh

    Dude. This totally rocks!

  2. 2 Lee Chesneau

    This is what can happens when one relies on a computer solution to everything. Remember 2001: Space A Odyssey (hint HAL)?

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