A radical resetting of expectations

At the one week point of sailing, it’s looking like we have a lock on a DFL in our division, due to a very bad weather routing decision and sail selection decision made on Day 2. So we are focusing on just making a minimum of 150nm made good per day which will put us in Kaneohe Tuesday afternoon.

While we did get in some spin handling practice before the race, and I have raced in many OYRA races, it was not enough, not nearly enough. We have yet to fly a spinnaker, either the wind is too great, or the sea state too violent, or the wind fluky and light, so I thought all we would do is tie it in knots.

Some of the things that are working well are our provisioning (for the most part), fishing, Day 1, the power system, water usage and plumbing, and the autopilot. We are using our jib top a lot, but find that in heavy air we are not able to pole out the twins safely, so gave up on them for the time being. This is a pretty big blow to our strategy though. We are able to each get rest as needed after the first couple of nights, except for last night where we had very big waves and 20+ kt winds all night, and we had to hand steer in complete darkness using the compass only. But we recovered and are OK now.

With Annika as crew, I find I am almost completely intolerant of anything remotely unsafe, and this has also prevented us from setting the spin. Hopefully in a couple of days the winds will moderate and we can actually participate in the race as we should.

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  1. 1 Michael Caplan

    David, Don’t lament. Its the journey not the destination that is what its all about. Your adventure with your daughter is/was the important goal. Do as well as you can SAFELY and enjoy the voyage. This adventure is just the first of many crossing and you need to “pay your dues”.
    Aloha, Michael

  2. 2 Rick Nelson

    BE SAFE, the race is the fun stuff. Do not beat yourself up on this, you’ll have a lifetime of memories. A lot like the military, hate it when you’re there, spend a lifetime talking about the memories.

    You and Annika keep safe.


  3. 3 Buck

    You two are doing what every wannabe sailor hopes for.

  4. 4 Sylvia Seaberg

    Aloha David and Annika. The first crossing is always about getting educated. Based on what is working for you it sounds like you are doing more things right than a lot of first-timers so KUDOS to you! Be safe, enjoy the ride, and we will be in Kaneohe with leis and refreshing drinks at whatever hour you arrive.

  5. 5 Linda

    Hi David and Annika,
    I am so enjoying your posts and watching your progress! I am just amazed at the two of you out there. What an adventure. I look forward to seeing you in HI!!

  6. 6 G Voss

    Glad to see you are both doing well regardless of placement in the race. That fish looked amazing by the way.

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