Temerity report July 25

After destroying our jibtop by flogging it downwind, we have been sailing bald headed for a while and it is slow. We were reluctant to set the twins on a pole because of all the rolling due to the mixed swell sea state. But we will try again now.

We have worked our way up to the SF-Kaneohe Great Circle line, and are now proceeding down it in a series of jibes, wind angles are distressingly deep. With winds 15 – 25 kts in the day and the sea state as before we are reluctant to set a spin, although we are sure everyone else has theirs up.

Sleep has been a major issue, and eyestrain at night. We have given up on the idea of delivering the boat back ourselves, and fortunately some very kind friends are helping to scope out how we can ship her home, even in this eleventh hour.

We passed the halfway mark last night, and took some time today to play Char’s Treasure Hunt game aboard. Her clues were very cryptic, though, and we have had to ask her for some hints for a few of them.

Mostly Annika and I are focussed at keeping the boat moving to make our made-good 150 nm/day, and on taking care of each other.

3 Responses to “Temerity report July 25”

  1. 1 T Warren

    David, you and Annika are doing the right thing. Enjoy the sail and make it to the island safe! This is an experience of a lifetime for both of you!!



  2. 2 Rick Nelson

    As Tom said, take the time while your in the stadium to look around. You may never pass this way again. Enjoy the ride, the finishing position should not concern you guys. It is a tribute to your fortitude David that has you out there with Annika. Good on ya.

    Good call on the delivery.

    Be safe!


  3. 3 Rick Nelson

    You going up to buddy boat with Nick this morning? ;-)?

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