Twins/No Twins

We spent a lot of time yesterday getting the twins-on-pole finally sorted, but did not begin flying in earnest until about 7 PM. The challenge had been to come up with a scheme that let one set the pole without being too dangerous in higher winds. We finally used just the spin sheet and guys, in their usual positions, and used the pole like a reaching strut.

It was fun to surf steadily in last nights winds, and squalls of about 22 kts. But each squall seemed to come out of the East, and finally this morning, the wind has declined and is almost entirely from the East — and the whole rest of the course is expected to be like this for many days. The twins were not working, as they have to be flown essentially DDW. We are beam/ broad reaching now in about 10 kts of wind. Unfortunately, we are too beat to both be on deck this morning to attempt a spin set. Even on this easy point of sail, the lack of the autopilot means one of us has to be on the helm at all times. SOG is about 5 kts, so we are really hoping the wind pipes up, or we can get rested to the point of a spin set.

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