Yesterday afternoon the wind swung around to DDW again, so after our nice reaching we were again deep running with only the #2 up. The last three days runs of CMG are 135nm, 150nm and 136nm. Last night was clear, with no squalls and this helped to keep the last number down.

If we can get back to a rate of 150nm/day, this would have us at the finish at about midnight Tuesday, but late Wednesday might be a better guess.

Here are the standings using Fridays position reports if one considers all the Monday starters as a single fleet. I can’t go and look now but I think there may have been at least 3 boats retired as well.

15 Moonshine 370 26 Naos 30 459 27 Nozomi 521 30 Jamani 366 31 VALIS 561 32 Relentless 516 33 Cassiopeia 672 34 Magic 584 35 Lil Angel 756 36 No Strings Attached 675 38 Plus Sixteen 725 39 Temerity 684 40 Weatherly 626

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