Fishing Report

Yesterday we went after some Mahi for dinner, and had immediate success of a sort. After trolling just 10 min with the jet-head cedar plug we got a strike, a big Mahi, but then as we were pulling him in we got a big puff, boatspeed went to 11-12 kts sustained, and we lost him, with the hook probably torn from his mouth. Reset, and a second strike within half an hour. This one threw the hook as he was being brought up to the boat. Then, a bit late to start a big cooking project.

Today we tried again, and had a strike of some sort but lost the lure. We tied on a plain cedar plug, but no luck after a couple of hours, so we will have to try tomorrow.

At 1945PDT we are 175nm from the finish and expect to be at the dock at midnight or possibly a bit later tomorrow, local time.

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