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Temerity is at last home from Hawaii and put back together, modulo putting on the main, a few minor electrical repairs, and some black marks on the port topsides.   I’ve spent the last couple of chore-doing trips in taking off all the offshore gear, and for next season will have the e-rudder set up so that it can be theoretically deployable at sea without the unsightly frame constantly attached.

The shipping cost was brutal, as I knew it would be.   I added up all the bills, and it came to $19,210.34.    For those contemplating shipping their larger boats home from Hawaii, here is what you can expect.

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  1. 1 Carl

    I spent about $4000 getting Ozone back from LA after the Catalina race over 20 years ago. But if you figure the costs and risks (sails, repairs, time etc) of sailing home, it may be cheaper!

    Not one ever said yacht racing was a cheap sport. But just think of the experience of doing it- priceless!

  2. 2 Paul

    I just saw this and when we parted (at KYC after the Paccup), you were in the middle of trying to figure out what to do.

    Just wanted to drop a note to congratulate you on completing the full circle of a fine adventure and say what a pleasure it was meeting you & Annika. Tell her I said ‘Hi’.

    Paul Carson

    (The other Paul on VALIS)

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