Weekend Fun

While Temerity still languishes with no autopilot and a few other low-priority fixes needed, Char and I took a break this past weekend.   On Saturday we went aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain to see the Fleet Week Airshow from the water, and also go to see some of the AC45’s on their way to the race course for the Saturday ACWS event (yes, the one where Jimmy augured in so nicely).   (See also this post for more on the Chieftain.)

Once out the Estuary the Chieftain set sail and we did a good deal of sailing (rather than motoring) for the rest of the afternoon, reaching back and forth behind Alcatraz as the jets zoomed overhead.

On Sunday, we were up at 0-dark-30 for the long drive to Vallejo so that we could do Race Deck duty for the 2nd half of the SSS Vallejo 1-2.   Char did a great job on sound signals (gun and horn)  in the morning, and in recording finish times in the afternoon, while I helped with flags and calling the sail numbers and finishes.  Char also got a chance to indulge her flair for the dramatic on the radio, and work on her Southern Belle impression (coached by PRO Jan!).

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