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Pucker factor

The fun starts around 0:50.

Interest in AC34… increasing.

AC technology, back in the day

Interesting find posted to S/A, a July 1920 Popular Science article on the latest and greatest in AC technology.

The boats were slower then, but they sailing much longer legs and weren’t afraid to go in the ocean!

USA 76

Last year I organized an outing on USA 76, the old IACC America’s Cup monohull which at the time was available for charter for parties up to 6 total.   We had a great time, and Rich Hudnut made this video.   There were also pics but I never got around to posting them.   USA 76 is still sailing the Bay and you can still get a ride.

Stan Honey at the NYT

John Craig – Course Area & Venues for America’s Cup 34

from VinceSail:

John Craig, America’s Cup 34 Principle Race Officer, gave the first public presentation in San Francisco about what the course area for the Cup races would look like. He’s planning on using every available inch of open water in the main bay and working with all the stakeholders to make sure that works.

The shoreside venues are complex and need to fill a lot of different roles – not the least is providing vantage points to see this exciting race without getting out on a boat. The 72′ catamarans will be visible from many locations on Marin and San Francisco. We want to make sure that everyone who lives here knows the America’s Cup is taking place on the Bay.

Team bases, media offices, AC34 administrative offices and other activities will take space on the piers with access to the water. John lays out what is being proposed and where it will be housed.

AC34 Racing Area Announced

Above is the official racing area for the Americas Cup, 34th edition, as announced by the race management organization today.   No detail beyond that shown on the chartlet — there was a statement that the deep-water channel would remain available to shipping during racing, and that is what the red no-go areas presumably indicate.

I’m a little disappointed that they did not show a little more nerve and verve, as the area doesn’t even extend as far out the Gate as Pt. Bonita.   Wouldn’t it have been cool to include at least the  Lightship and Pt. Reyes/Drakes Bay, and pose the navagators problems such as whether to edge around the Potato Patch or risk the waves and go for it?

Dogzilla cometh

BMW Oracle racing DoG trimaran USA-17 “Dogzilla” being loaded aboard the Star Isfjord in Valencia, bound for San Francisco, e.t.a. March 1.   We should be in for quite a show a few weeks after that!  Pic stolen from S/A.

AC34 Cup Match final dates announced


Probably not going to get much work done in September 2013.

More AC34 venue pics

Here are some new renderings of the AC34 venue.

Above, happy catamarans are escorted to the finish by a flock of identical 4ksbs.   Not shown: huge spectator fleet or any traffic on the Embarcadero.  The diagonal bluish area is all new.    In the photo below you can see the areal view of today (looking south rather than north), the diagonal pier has  a large warehouse on it, slated for demolition.

Sailing as a spectator sport: crowds enjoy the view from Crissy Field.   You can by the backwards baseball cap that the NASCAR audience has been converted.

Below, a map from my earlier post.

AC venue sites

This pic showing the AC venue/base sites along the SF waterfront was also run in Latitude 38, but here it is available at much higher resolution.   More also here at Kimball Livingston’s blog.