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There’s a great need shipboard for all sorts of marlinspike fancywork.  Aboard Temerity, small lanyards like the zipper-pull above are attached to most of the snap shackle releases, which make opening them a lot easier, but some are missing.  A chance meeting with a fellow knot enthusiast at Forbidden Island put me on track of the Portuguese Sennit,  and I found some very clear instructions for making these types of braided lanyards at Stormdrane’s blog.  You can also find good instructions at Instructables and Knot Heads

After making up some simple lanyards, I got more ambitious and bought some buckles at REI and made up a nice double-layered bracelet for Char.  It only took about an hour for even a beginner to make.


Sand siren


Peter Grosse also sent this shot along.  No date, location or other info.  But there have always been dreamers…

Today’s Fire-eating Tiki Orion Mermaid Slave-girl


Marina has it ALL.

RIP Eartha Kitt

Another Diva bites the dust, Xmas day 2008.

A 300-year-old mermaid


Friend and blogger Gavin Atkin of sent in these nice shots of a gargoyle-style mermaid in the corner of a 300-year-old building in Canterbury, Kent, England.  Cool!


Hell of a holiday

We’re meeting Santa tonight! 

RIP Bettie Page


It’s been a sad couple of months in mid-century retro Diva Land.  First Yma, and now Bettie Page has passed away

Los Angeles, December 11, 2008  –  Bettie Page, sweet-smiling legendary 1950s pin-up queen with the killer curves and coal-black bangs, died today of pneumonia at a Los Angeles area hospital.    She was 85 years old. She suffered a heart attack one week ago and never regained consciousness.   Her popularity as an underground, guilty pleasures phenomenon has continued to soar despite the fact that the reclusive Page disappeared almost a half century ago, leading many to believe that one of the most photographed individuals of the 20th century was already dead. 

And now I will never get to go on the Bettie Page Cruise.

Never turn your back on the ocean


Bride-to-be vanishes near Neskowin Beach

Man reports his fiancee from the Philippines is lost to the sea 

The couple walked hand-in-hand toward Proposal Rock, ankle-deep in water Saturday afternoon.

The tide had receded around the iconic — and aptly named — rock formation near Neskowin Beach, and 45-year-old Scott Napper of Silverton hoped to use the opportunity to formally ask 22-year-old Leafil Alforque to marry him.

When Alforque suggested they climb the rock itself, Napper said Wednesday, he thought it was “perfect, because that’s exactly what I wanted to do.”

The couple met through an Internet dating site in 2005 and had set a wedding date for Dec. 6. But Napper said Proposal Rock was the spot he wanted to ask for Alforque’s hand in marriage ceremonially and give her the ring that waited in his pocket.

Alforque had arrived in Silverton just three days earlier on a fiancee visa from the Philippines. It was her first visit to the Oregon coast.

At some point during the walk to the rock, the two let go of each other’s hands. From the angle they took walking toward the formation, Napper said, “you can’t see the waves coming in.”

About 10 feet from the rock, a wave 2- to 3-feet high suddenly came toward them.

“I turned into it to keep from getting pulled under it,” he said. The water receded in a few seconds, and he turned to look for the diminutive Alforque, 4-foot-11 and 93 pounds. By then, he said, “She was about 30 feet away, getting swept away.”

He said he immediately tore off his jacket to get rid of any extra weight, and when he looked up again she was gone.

“That’s the last I saw of her,” he said Wednesday, breaking into tears.

full story

Swim-up Bar


Get hosed and never leave the water.  ¡Dos margaritas con Hornitos, por favor!

 23.647492°N, 109.682609°W



Distinctive lighthouse, Punta Arena B.C.S.,  23.553198°N, 109.469727°W.

Sailboats for Obama


Get yours here,, they’re just a buck.

Thanks to Lonnie at Talking Sh*t About a Pretty Sunset for the find.

Moby Dick! The Musical


September 18 – October 12  extends to October 19
Opening Night: Saturday, September 20

The runaway cult hit makes its San Francisco debut, starring the incomparable Matthew Martin and his camp cohort Mike Finn. See what happens when a drag headmistress and her cross-dressed minions put on a musical of Moby Dick to save their beleaguered girls’ school.

A toe-tapping laugh riot! LGBT fun for the whole family! (Well, sorta. Maybe not the super youngens.)

Call 861-5079 for tickets.

Damn, looks like I’m not going to make it! 

More about the show’s other productions here and here.

Angel Island fire


Big fire on Angel Island — it must have started just hours after we were sailing in the area aboard Temerity in perfect weather, having fun watching the Fleet Week airshow. Thanks to S/A for the heads-up.

SF Chronicle story

Aircraft carrier in lego



Wow.  More pix here.