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GoT Ship

Sort-of viking-hulled ship with funky batwing lateen rig, from the Game of Thrones Season Three trailer.   Looks underpowered, but I’ll watch anyway.

AC technology, back in the day

Interesting find posted to S/A, a July 1920 Popular Science article on the latest and greatest in AC technology.

The boats were slower then, but they sailing much longer legs and weren’t afraid to go in the ocean!

Weekend Fun

While Temerity still languishes with no autopilot and a few other low-priority fixes needed, Char and I took a break this past weekend.   On Saturday we went aboard the Hawaiian Chieftain to see the Fleet Week Airshow from the water, and also go to see some of the AC45’s on their way to the race course for the Saturday ACWS event (yes, the one where Jimmy augured in so nicely).   (See also this post for more on the Chieftain.)

Once out the Estuary the Chieftain set sail and we did a good deal of sailing (rather than motoring) for the rest of the afternoon, reaching back and forth behind Alcatraz as the jets zoomed overhead.

On Sunday, we were up at 0-dark-30 for the long drive to Vallejo so that we could do Race Deck duty for the 2nd half of the SSS Vallejo 1-2.   Char did a great job on sound signals (gun and horn)  in the morning, and in recording finish times in the afternoon, while I helped with flags and calling the sail numbers and finishes.  Char also got a chance to indulge her flair for the dramatic on the radio, and work on her Southern Belle impression (coached by PRO Jan!).

Fist Pump FTW

F-yeah, yachting.


Commercial for Mainstay International rum (South Africa.)   Looks like it must taste pretty good!

This is just exactly what sailing is like, most of the time.

Strictly Sail 2011

This past Saturday Char and I took ourselves up to Jack London Square to check out the Strictly Sail boat show.  I needed new foulies and some personal gear, and it had been a couple of years since I had gone.

Char was quite taken by the pink Potter, and some other pink and lavender boats on display from BAADS.

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Sailboat at Sea, Germany

National Geographics Picture of  the Day

Sailboat at Sea, Germany

Photograph by Patrick Lienin

This Month in Photo of the Day: Nature and Weather Photos

While hiking at Jasmund National Park in northwest Germany, a rainstorm passed by and created a stunning scene! The sea was completely flat and the only thing out there was the tiny sailing boat.

link to full size wallpaper

Dodging large vessels

Video produced by the Canadian Marine Pilots’ Association in cooperation with the Office of Boating Safety (Transport Canada) and the National Search and Rescue Secretariat to raise the awareness of boaters regarding the risks associated with navigating in proximity to commercial vessels.

More often that not, we have to take large vessels into account when sailing on the Bay.  This useful video shows the story from their point of view.

На яхте по Москве!

With local lakes no doubt frozen over, some cool Russian sailors claim their rights-of-way as sail over powered vessels.

Tsunami in Surf City

Pictures and video from Jeremy of Surf City Sailing, in Santa Cruz.    There was significant surging in the S.C. harbor, reportedly 10 boats and at least one floating dock have sunk.    Nothing like what has happened in Japan, but people are very nervous here on the California Coast.

As reported by Jeremy on S/A

Santa Cruz Harbor is fucked! At least 10 sunken boats of various ilk. My Newport 33 is still secure, but the dock next door is nonexistant… along with all of the boats that were tied to her. It’s a mess, and the whole place was in panic mode. This aint gonna be pretty when the dust settles. Gotta go deal, it’s still surging.


The initial surge hit around 8:10am. The harbor basically sucked dry, and you could see sand almost all the way across the entrance. Lots of keels in the mud. Then the harbor filled with the strength of whitewater rapids. As it filled, looking south from the bridge which bisects the lower harbor from the upper harbor, I could see the masts raise like the wave at a baseball game. It was surreal to watch. This initial wave loosened several boats, and cracked ‘U’ Dock away from its pilings.

Burrrrr (from BLUR)

It has been ‘too cold’ here in SF to go sailing.   Joe thinks so, and we are on the fence ourselves.

Could be much worse.   From BLUR, the best sailing blog that I cannot read.

Another bow-maid

Hullabaloo is an early Bill Lee design who traces her origins back to the early days of Santa Cruz ULDBs.  She is currently in Ala Wai (Honolulu), looking pretty tired, but still sporting a jaunty mermaid.   Thanks to S/A for the find.

Mermaid bumpers

No, not that kind.   Available from West Marine, of all places.

I want to sell my yacht

Hopefully it will never come to this.

A gallery of outrigger pics

But really you should go here.

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