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Perils of ownership

A Catalina becomes entangled with a daymark just outside the Alameda Estuary.   Below, the mark on the chart.

In the past couple of weeks Temerity destroyed two sails (a 0.6 oz spin and the kevlar main) and developed major issues with the brand-new lower rudder bearing, necessitating a haul-out.   So I can really feel for this guy who snagged his furled headsail on a local daymark and took out his mast.   No wonder sailors drink!

An attractive visitor


This week there’s a very hot boat visiting at Grand Marina — an Archambault 40RC in a tricked-out paint job that appears to come from Nova Scotia.  On her own bottom?  The helm position on this IRC weapon looks pretty exposed for long-distance voyaging.  Hopefully, I’ll run into the owner or crew, and find out what the story is.  More pics after the break.

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Meeting Hawaiian Chieftan


The Temerities were out for a pleasure sail off South Beach when we had an encounter with the Hawiian Chieftan, the replica square rigger that often visits the Bay in the company of the Lady Washington.   We had a lot of fun sailing rings around her!

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Solo, non-stop around the world — in a Mini 6.5!


Is there anything that can’t be done in Minis?  Answer: no.

After the Atlantic in December 2002 (First single-handed transatlantic in the “20 feet sport” category (less than 20 feet sport catamaran without cabin), non stop, not assisted, approved by WSSRC/ISAF ) and the Pacific in August 2006 (World Record – North Pacific Ocean Crossing, single-handed, non stop, not assisted in the “20 feet sport” category, approved by WSSRC/ISAF) Alessandro Di Benedetto, a Franco-Italian geologist ,39 years old, decided to sail “around the world”.

He’s doing great so far, it would be good to get some more coverage of his effort, which is currently being overshadowed by today’s teenybopper brigade.


Thanks to Estar on S/A for the find!

Boat 3.0


Outrigger from junk


Build your own, as featured at instructables!  I just couldn’t bear to put this in the Ulua category…

Spin take-down on J-class Hanuman


The crew of the magnificent J-class yacht Hanuman demonstrates a spinnaker takedown.  Note lack of harnesses and lifelines!

Thanks to SA for the find.

Link to J-class website.

Remind me again why I don’t own a Mini?


The sweet new and environmentally friendly eKo 650 Series Mini Transat.

Link:  Third Coast Composites

Sweet vid

Final day of 49er worlds, Riva del Garda, Italy.

Sailin’ and boozin’

Thanks, Boothy!

Newsflash: little girls like sailing with their daddys

I’m thinking about getting a small 2 person boat (like a JY15) that I can handle with my daughter. The club I’ve just joined has 420’s, so we might fool around with those first. Either way, I talked to my wife about this, and she made a valid point – My daughter likes sailing because she’s sailing with me. I’m not distracted by cell phones, etc. She has my undivided attention (along with mother nature, but you know what I mean) while we’re on the boat. At some point she’ll want to steer, and like my dad did with me, I’ll pass the tiller on. I’ll let her try her hand at racing (with me as crew) when she’s ready. I feel that if she chooses to sail in high school, experience sailing a two person dingy will trump pram experience. Plus, we’ll have a lot more fun.

full story at Saving Sailing

Jim Gaffigan: “Sometimes I think I’d want to be someone who owns a boat”

Rapid Transit

(pic lifted from S/A)

I saw Rapid Transit, the new Antrim 49 at the dock in Berkeley.  I was there to attend the Pacific Cup 2010 prep seminar, and she exicited some comment among the attendees, though none of us got the class right.  She is not a Classe or Open anything, I think. 

Jim Antrim is also my naval architect — he is designing a new rudder for Temerity.  So in some part, my boat will also be an Antrim.

Designer: Antrim Design

Builder: Berkeley Marine Center

Wretched news for Hinckley


It seems that Hinckley, America’s premier luxury yacht builder, may become the victim of rapist private equity firms.

Debt Trips Up Hinckley, Venerable Yacht Maker

Hinckley — which has been making boats since 1928 and is known for classically designed, beautifully constructed sailboats as well as sleek, easy-to-maneuver powerboats — is under financial pressure. It has significantly reduced its work force — from about 625 employees at its peak in mid-2008 to 305 at the end of August. The layoffs, in turn, have affected Southwest Harbor businesses, some locals say.

Like other yacht makers, Hinckley lost substantial business when the economy turned sour. But Hinckley’s problems can also be traced to its sale to one, and then another, private equity firm over the last dozen years. With each sale, it took on more debt, which became onerous when business slowed. And the culture also shifted from a family-owned business to one controlled by outsiders.

Story at NYT

Bowmen of yesteryear


A Cruising Class B heels under so hard that she dips her spinnaker, as her crew take their chances on windy Lake St. Clair

When this ad ran I still had two months to go before being born.  From a time when sailing was much more in the popular eye.