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Holy mermaids


Mermaid ornament at the monastery of Notre Dame de Villefranche-de-Rouergue.  From this page of mermaid decorations in churches:



Distinctive lighthouse, Punta Arena B.C.S.,  23.553198°N, 109.469727°W.

Today’s mermaids


Shine on at the Hotel Buena Vista, East Cape, B.C.S., Mexico.

Norseboat: Navigation sur le Bassin d’Arcachon

New Norseboat video from Nicolas in France.   Le Bassin d’Arcachon (near Cap Ferat on Biscay Bay) looks to be idea small-craft cruising grounds.


Mermaid Restaurant and Lounge at Silverton

Finally, a reason to go to Vegas!


The mermaid show “Azure” is performed every hour from 5pm to 11pm Mondays through Fridays, 3pm to 11pm on Saturday and 1pm to 8pm on Sunday.

Mermaid Restaurant and Lounge at Silverton
3333 Blue Diamond Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89139
Phone: (702) 263-7777

Joshua Slocum’s voyage on Google Earth


J. M. Ahlbrand, an e-education consultant and sailing buff, has created a fascinating Google Earth document that lets one follow in Joshua Slocum and Spray’s footsteps on his epic first-ever solo sail around the world.

From the author:

I have just completed a little project and would welcome some feedback/suggestions for improvement.

I have created a textually enabled map of the voyage of Joshua Slocum the first man to circumnavigate the world single-handed.

This interactive adventure is divided into 8 segments or “legs”. This is not just a path to follow, rather, it is an opportunity for the “adventurer” to explore the world through modern eyes from the perspective of Capt. Slocum.

There are over 100 waypoints. Each waypoint has excerpts from Capt. Slocum’s book Sailing Alone Around the World.

Follow the voyage of Captain Joshua Slocum on his historic quest to become the first man to circumnavigate the globe alone.


Today’s merfolk


Today’s stone merfolk come to us from fellow-blogger Chris Partridge of Rowing for Pleasure.  He also has a blog featuring London Architecture, Ornamental Passions

41 Kingsway WC2

These magnificent merfolk with their tails tying themselves in knots and the strange fish (known in the merfolk language as ‘lunch’) are over the door of the Leeds Building Society in Kingsway. The 1909 design is by the building’s architects Gibson, Skipwith & Gordon and they were carved by Gilbert Seale in Camberwell.

Of course, they are far too much fun for a building society. The shop was originally designed (I think) as a stationery shop called The Pen Corner, owned by L.G.Sloan Ltd who sold playing cards, board games and so on as well as pens and paper. Waterman pens were a speciality, and the building is still known as Waterman House. Are the merfolk a rebus, an architectural pun? Or was Mr Sloan keen on all things marine? Or was it all just a coincidence and they were carved for someone else entirely?

Marshall Islands outrigger

This video has everything!

  • Marshall Islands (I lived there as a child)
  • Outrigger sailing
  • Coconut crabs!

Thanks to 70.8% for the find.

Norseboat pics of the day




In May 2008 French NorseBoat agent Nicolas Galais and his wife took part in the Vogalonga rowing event in Venice, Italy. This event has been described as “a protest, a get-together and non-competitive race rolled into one.” They also had some time to sail while they were there. This photo shows Nicolas setting a course for the famous Plaza San Marcos., Norseboat newsletter

John Miranda’s photography of French Polynesia

Below A few of my favorite pictures from a May 2008 trip to French Polynesia. We visited Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea, Tahaa, Raiatea, and many smaller motu’s. We spent a few days on land, then took a week cruise on the M/s Paul Gauguin. I also added underwater images taken with my older Nikon D100 DSLR.


… and sometimes the fish win

shark.jpgSCIENTISTS fear sharks are now HUNTING people for the first time after Jaws-style attacks on a resort.

The horrifying theory emerged after two surfers were killed and one badly injured in a month.

A fourth swimmer is missing at the Mexican seaside town.

Locals fear ONE rogue shark is responsible but experts believe a pack of deadly bull sharks are actively targeting humans for the first time.

They think the 10ft-long fish could have developed a taste for human flesh after devouring hundreds of corpses dumped into the sea by mobsters.

The beach at Zihuantanejo – near Acapulco and popular with British tourists – had not previously recorded a shark incident in more than 30 years.

And, with an annual average of only four fatal shark attacks globally, the fact that two people have died along the same stretch of coast within weeks has astonished international experts.

The Zihuantanejo deaths come halfway through what is already turning into a bumper year for shark attacks.

Zihuantanejo is now gripped by fear. Police have been guarding beaches and signs warn against going into the water.

Local businessmen, worried the deaths will devastate the tourist industry, hired fishermen to kill the sharks.

And Mexican Navy vessels were brought in last week to scour the waters for sharks using the tourist beach as a feeding ground.

Jose Leonardo Castillo, chief shark investigator for Mexico’s National Fishing Institute, said yesterday: “One theory we’re investigating is that a group of sharks have developed a taste for humans.”

Although the number of attacks world-wide increased from 63 in 2006 to 71 in 2007, there was only one recorded fatality. The two Zihuantanejo deaths and one in California have tripled that this year.

Source: The Sun

Today’s Mexican mermaid


Can be seen at La Paz, Baja, Mexico.

All the US charts in .png


xpda from S/A has thoughtfully converted all the NOAA nautical charts from the .bsb format (which you need special marine charting software to view) to .png format, which a web browser or almost any image viewer can open. 

It’s about 4 GB worth of files.  Get them here:  

Swimming In Victoria Falls Devils Pool

The natural pools on the zambia side of the victoria falls are only accessible during the low season, and are an experience you will never forget! there are two pools, the devils pool (shown) and the much more relaxing angels pool for the timid types!

Norseboat Mississippi adventure featured on Furled Sails

 Gary and Connie Hoffman were recently interviewed on the FurledSails podcast, in which they discuss their 1200+ mile voyage by Norseboat down the Mississippi River.  Great stuff!

Furled Sails

Photos and story on Norseboat Owners Site