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GoT Ship

Sort-of viking-hulled ship with funky batwing lateen rig, from the Game of Thrones Season Three trailer.   Looks underpowered, but I’ll watch anyway.

F*ck Yeah, Hornblower

Because it seems there are people out there that love Hornblower even more than we do.

Not surprisingly, we learn that Archie is very big in Japan.

Today’s mermaid is again Diane Webber

Behind the scenes stills from the greatest movie ever made.

A pirate’s nightmare

So stupid I just had to post it.    But we all know that pirates go for curvy girls, right?

Ron de Jeremy is coming

A new rum (or ron en español) will soon be penetrating the US market.   Billed as the adult rum (are there children’s rums?), this new excretion from the hardest working man in the adult entertainment industry [wiki, imdb],  promises a lot.  From the website:

Ron de Jeremy is an exceptionally well-balanced 7-year old premium rum from Panama.  It has an inviting light amber color with very attractive copper hues.  The aroma is that of carefully aged rum, with a harmoniously balanced orchestra of oak, fruit and spices.   It opens up smoothly,  showcasing a high level of craftsmanship.  The oak comes through robustly and satisfyingly, yet gently enough to allow hints of vanilla and raw sugarcane to reveal themselves.   The finish is elegant and long.

I”m glad that the woody qualty of the oak  comes through, and if the finish weren’t long,   Mr. Jeremy would not be putting his name on it.  And a bottle of RdJ on the shelf makes for a better conversation piece than the other new Panamanian rum,  Zafra.

Reserve your own  bottle of the initial release at

Getting into yachting

Maybe this guy could help me find crew…

Racing Around the World Alone

‘Racing Around the World Alone’ is the story of the 2008/2009 Vendee Globe race. 30 skippers embark on a quest to be the fastest to sail 27000 miles around the world, non stop, without assistance and alone on 60 foot sailboats. This is one of the most extreme challenges a human being can face. The sailors are alone at sea for months and physical and emotional strength are essential. Growlers (Icebergs), sea mammals, and massive waves are a constant danger. On any day the forces of nature can bring an end to the best sailor’s well made plans. They harness the wind, hope for safe passage over the sea and push hard to win. They are a testament to the audacity of the human spirit.

On their journey, they will see the world in a way that few ever have the chance to see it. However, as many a sailor knows, the ocean, though beautiful, is powerful and unforgiving. They set out to demonstrate that the human will is up to the greatest of challenges. This is their story.

I followed the last edition of the Vendee very closely,  I can’t wait for this film to be available.


Way cool Guinness ad (on their 250th birthday).

For several long seconds the camera lingers on a man’s face. He is waiting. At last we cut to hand held footage following the man and his three companions, all carrying surfboards. They hurl themselves into a heaving ocean. The ultimate wave has arrived. It starts to roll and we see that the men are not alone. The spirit of the wave is physically embodied in enormous white horses which are charging through the water with them. Above, below and inside the wave men and horses surge thrillingly forward. 

Today’s Siren

Even without a tail, Joan Collins as ‘Siren’ is pretty alluring.

Moby Dick redux


Could be good, could be bad, Hollywood’s inability this century to come up with anything new; relying instead on making 8-figure-budget movies based on comic book characters, old TV sitcoms, and of course remakes, err, reimagings of old movies.   There is a new version of Moby Dick in the works, to be directed by Russian action film maker Timur Bekmambeto, of Wanted fame.


The rumored story line tinkerings are already making me uneasy, but one good piece of news is that six traditional whaleboats have been built over the past summer by our old friends at Norseboat, Ltd (pic above).  They look great, and I hope the CGI whale doesn’t destroy them all so that some will find a good home after filming is completed.

Now, if only they would get cracking on the movie version of In the Heart of the Sea!


In honor of Nancy Blackett‘s birthday this week, NSL is pleased to present this clip from the film Swallows and Amazons (1974).   [IMDb]

Adventures in Paradise

First historical episode of the  Adventures of Paradise  series, broadcasted on ABC TV on 5th October 1959. Starring Gardner McKay, as Adam Troy, captain of the schooner Tiki.  Swilling down rum while watching the box set souns like a great idea — searching eBay now!

Anime mermaids

Thanks to Marina for the find.

Diane Webber, Mermaid of Tiburon


Sadly, Diane Webber, figure model, playmate, and star of the immortal classic  Mermaids of Tiburon passed away at age 76 last summer.  NSL shares some clips from the film in memorium.

Sea hag

Pretty cool clip from a deleted scene from 1984’s Splash.   Thanks to Medusirena for the find.