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Morning Light


The girls and I took in Morning Light, Roy Disney’s film of the TransPac campaign he put together crewed by college sailors with no previous ocean experience.  We thought it was terrific, but because the reviews have not been that great, you might want to catch is soon before DVD is your only option.  The photography was excellent, and  I thought the film makers did a good job of being true to the sailing without dumbing it down for  a general audience.  The reality show aspect that I had heard a lot about was not nearly as promenent as I had feard.  All in all, it seemed like truthful storytelling.

Holy exploding shark!

How to deal with pesky marine wildlife.

Morning Light

Roy Disney’s film Morning Light, in which a crew of teens with no ocean sailing experience crew a TP52 in the 2007 Transpac, opens October 17.  Looks like a must-see.

Boats in film: The Thomas Crown Affair

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The scene of Crown racing a catamaran replaced a similar scene in the original script (and the original movie) that was set at a polo match. Director John McTiernan deemed a polo match to be too much of a cliche, and wanted a scene that conveyed more action and excitement, and not just wealth.

The catamaran that Thomas Crown is seen racing in Long Island Sound is a D-Type Catamaran, an extremely fast and highly unstable yacht design from the 1980s. The D-Type’s were designed by California based aeronautical engineers to try to break inshore multihull speed records. Today there are only a handful of them left in the world.

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival


Get tix here.

Program info:

Opening night act:  The Mermen

Clip from “Mermaids”

From the Aussie-produced TV-movie Mermaids (2003)  (IMDb, wiki, fansite with stills).  Find-able on the Interweb.

Diana, a stubborn mermaid, is determined to bring justice to the men who killed her merman father. Never having lived out of water before, she enlists the help of her two sisters (already living on land) to track down the murderers. Diana finds that her sister, Venus, is an aquatic dancer in a seedy bar who was forced into the position by the evil bar owner who has taken Venus’ magic tiara, giving him ultimate control of her. June, the third sister, works at the local aquarium and is able to recruit the help of her friend, and love interest, Randy, a coast guard officer, to help the mermaids track down their father’s killers. The sisters join forces and along the way, discover how difficult it is to be a fish out of water, and how meaningful sisterhood is.

Now we just need the address of that “seedy bar”…

Neverland’s Mermaid Lagoon

From Peter Pan (1953).


These mermaids are friends of Peter Pan and they are very interested in his stories. They are resentful of Wendy and try to drown her although Peter insists they were having fun. They are frightened away when they hear that Captain Hook is rowing nearby. The mermaids appear to be in their mid-teens and one of them has red hair leaving some to believe she was the inspiration for another Disney character, Ariel.

Mermaid/uke #5 Ukulele Freaks

The mermaid comes in towards the end of Ukulele Freaks, from midnight ukulele disco.

South Water Caye Ballet

Belizian sea-life, set to Ravel’s Bolero.  Found on Ursi’s Blog.


Sharkwater   [77% rating on Rotten Tomatoes] is a 2007 Canadian documentary film directed, written, and starring Rob Stewart. The film itself is a documentary on sharks; how they live, how they are portrayed by the media, and how they are treated today. The film focuses on debunking stereotypes associated with sharks, and alerting the public on the decline of the shark population due to the increased popularity of shark fin soup.

Now playing in the US.

Bonus link:  24 minute “Making of Sharkwater” behind the scenes video.

Save the dolphin, save the world

Cool story… but I want to know more about that mermaid in the second pic!


OSAKA, Japan, Nov. 1 (UPI) — “Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere, who is also a conservationist and skilled surfer, has physically tried to prevent fishermen from killing dolphins in Tiji, Japan.

Despite worldwide disapproval, fishermen kill more than 22,000 of the mammals in Japan each year.

Panettiere, 18, recently paddled out on a surfboard in an effort to prevent a group of dolphins from being steered into a nearby cove and massacred, Sky News reported Wednesday.


She and a handful of other surfers from Australia and the United States were blocked by a fishing boat before they could reach the dolphins.

Faced with the ship’s propellers and boathooks, the surfers returned to the beach.

It is believed the dolphins were later slaughtered.

“It was really frightening,” Panettiere told Sky News. “It was so incredibly sad. We were so close to them and they were sky hopping, jumping out of the water to see us. … One little baby dolphin stuck his head out and kind of looked at me and the thought that it’s no longer with us is really hard to take.”


Entre Terre & Mer (Between Land & Sea)

Entre Terre & Mer 

Beautiful celtic music & Britanny culture.   6 DVD series documentary & film at the same time of the Sailors, women & children’s life in the last century. 

We follow & boat equipage ” LA CHARMEUSE ” or the life of a little town in Britanny.  This one is the N°6 when the Sailors are back again after a very long fishing’s period.  It’s the story of a farmer, Pierre Abgrale who leave his land after his mother’s death & go to work near the sea.   He will decide to stay here, becoming a sailor & choose a pretty little woman Mary ( who lost her fiancée ).

Alan Villiers – The Cape Horn Road

Film made by Alan Villiers [wiki] of his voyages in the SV Parma and SV Grace Harwar, which shows the tough conditions around the Cape.

Boats (1938)

From ERPI Classroom Films, Inc., a somewhat tame film showing boats on the Hudson.  There is some sailing canoe and double-paddle canoe/kayak footage though.


More movie sirens

Seductive sirens singing from O Brother Where Art Thou [IMDb] a retelling of Homer’s Odyssey.