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I don’t like Mondays

5.22.10 035

Found on Sailing Anarchy:

Then, I saw the mast and a blue, Newport 30 on the sand right up against the north side of the HB cliffs. No sign of the skipper. But, there were two lifeguard vehicles on site. The sails were still up, the dinghy was attached (barely) and the rudder was broken. A lot of scenarios that could have lead to this.

News story here.

I don’t like Mondays


Tanker aground at desert island in Pacific ocean
m/t Sichem Osprey ran agound at Clipperton Island, Pacific ocean, in 10 17 N 109 12 W, after passing Panama Canal, voyage origin Houston, dest unknown. Island is uninhabited, at least no permanent residents. No details on grounding circumstances and present condition of the vessel.
Sichem Osprey IMO 9396024 Flag Malta Combined Chemical And Oil Tanker build 2009 DWT 25432 Eitzen Chemical (Singapore) Private Ltd. 21 Apr 2009 Total crew: 16 Nationalities: Georgian(2), Latvian(4), Filipino(7), Russian(3).

Clipperton Island, looks like an interesting destination.

I don’t like Mondays


Sad sight on the beach here at Herne Bay this morning.
A (reportedly) 4-week-old J133 on passage from Ramsgate to London went onto the Hook Sand off Reculver in the early hours. Lifeboat attended and got a line on, but it seems the keel of the yacht came off, she started to fill and then capsized. Both crew taken off by helicopter (which very fortunately was on scene at the time) and are OK.
Boat was washed up on the beach here at half flood and lay on her side pounding on a breakwater.

More pix and full story here, thanks to SA for the find.

I don’t like Mondays

Thanks Greig for the find.

It looks quite bad for this wooden ketch that lost its mooring on Okanagan Lake just north of the Penticton Yacht Club. We recently had some high winds but the boat was still swinging on its mooring after that. From a previous experience I know that after a storm a link in your system might have oppened up and when everything relaxes, the boat can drift free. This winter we have had two boats moored out for the first time – the other has dragged its anchor and is now stuck in the mud with ice building up quickly around it. I’m guessing no one has anchored/moored in this area in the past because they knew what to expect.

I don’t like Mondays


Boat fire in SoCal, not pretty.   Thanks to R Booth for the find.

December 13, 2009 3:16 PM
Police: Boat fire follows couple’s quarrel

LIDO ISLE Before it was over, what started out as a domestic squabble turned into a boat fire, Newport Beach police said.

At about 2 p.m. police responded to a call about disturbing the peace, involving a fight between a boyfriend and girlfriend, police Sgt. Steve Burdette said.

Shortly after, police contacted the boyfriend who told officials he’d argued with his girlfriend, officials said.

“And the next thing you know his boat is on fire,” Burdette recounted.

Most of the information is preliminary and the investigation is ongoing, Burdette said.

“We don’t know if it’s arson or accidental at this point in time,” he said. “We’re still trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle.”

Nobody was hurt in the fire, Burdette said.

I don’t like Mondays


S/V Momentum aground on Waikiki reef.  Story here.

I don’t like Mondays


I don’t like Mondays


I don’t like Mondays


… with minus tides.

I don’t like Mondays


I don’t like Mondays.


Especially after a week of vacation!  We touched bottom a few times, but not as bad as this guy.  Full story here.

I don’t like Mondays


I don’t like Mondays


I don’t like Mondays

I don’t like Mondays

A cruise ship in Spain blows its warps, and some passengers get to go swimming.

Thanks to Mr. Clean for the find.