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Captain Dan – Sea Monsters

See and hear the latest video release from Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew.


Mermaid watching

Aloha, and Happy Friday!   For your viewing pleasure, Marina the Fire-Eating  Mermaid entertains to the strains of the Tikiyaki Orchestra.   Any more awesomeness in one small space would make this post implode.

O Pussy My Love

The sound of British Sea Power

Appearing next April at SF’s The Independent, British Sea Power.

British Sea Power is a six-piece band currently based in South East England and on the Isle Of Skye in Scotland.

BSP have been acknowledged by the great institutions: David Bowie, the National Maritime Museum, Jarvis Cocker and the British Horseracing Authority. They are a band that plays forests and giant rock halls as specially requested guests of The Flaming Lips, The Strokes and Pulp. But they’re also a band that put on their album parties in remote Sussex pubs where their own special guests are The Copper Family, a clan of Sussex folk singers who’ve been going for 200 years. British Sea Power truly is a band like no other.

If BSP is a band where dreams become real, this effect is unlikely to dim with their new album. Valhalla Dancehall is a record that moves from concise electronic pop to nine-minute solemnity to swaggering thug-glam. Lyrical subject matter includes local libraries, indigenous societies, the Dame Vera Lynn Celebrity Clay Pigeon Shoot and the party to which everyone is invited. Valhalla Dancehall is a record that suggests BSP’s cupboard remains full of medieval armored gloves. Again a gauntlet is thrown down.

British Sea Power formed in 2000 and put out their first release in 2001 – the “Fear Of Drowning” single on their own Golden Chariot label, but it was the band’s live performances that defined their first years. When BSP played the 2002 Reading Festival, Rolling Stone implied that the entirety of the weekend’s line-up paled before them: “Fuck this puerile drivel, we’re going to see British Sea Power… British Sea Power rule!” Since then the band has played a collection of unforgettable shows in remarkable surroundings.

British Sea Power atThe Independent

with A Classic Education
Tue, April 5, 2011
Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Visit the band’s site at for more info and sample tracks.

A pirate’s nightmare

So stupid I just had to post it.    But we all know that pirates go for curvy girls, right?

Japanese men’s chorus: Whisky Johnny

I think the video’s YouTube poster says it best:

帆船日本丸男声合唱団定期演奏会 指揮:大町正人 07年7月21日 神奈川県立音楽堂

Thanks to NSL reader and First Daughter Annika for the find.

(The Don Johnson outfits are a nice touch, too.)

Lured to the depths

The seductive ladies of The Seadogs remind us that all might not be as it seems in their unreleased single “I Wanna Meet a Mermaid/Lured to the Depths.”  (Click the pic to play the song.)

Marina the Mermaid & Los Straightjackets

Medusirena Marina performing her bed-of-nails and fire-eating act last week at Hukilau 2009, to the throbbing jungle drums and wailing guitars of Los Straightjackets.   Your Correspondent can be clearly seen as the white blob in a hat on the other side of the pool at the 3:20 point.

SWASHBUCKLE – Cruise Ship Terror

German metal pirates take over schooner, abduct female passenger, proclaim their prize to be Das Partei Boot.  Yo ho!

Marina and the Martini Kings

with a special guest mermaid, to boot.

Today’s mermaid


Artwork by Mary Ann DiNella gives the Luna Mermaid Mini acoustic guitar a personality that appeals to young guitar players. The acoustic guitar’s petite size makes it ideal for learning and comfortable to play for small players and children. The Luna Aurora Mermaid Mini Acoustic guitar features moon phase guitar neck fret markings. The crescent moon at the sound hole and fret markers add more Luna magic to this guitar.

Best of both worlds

Land and Sea.

Marina and The Tikiyaki Orchestra.

Shot at the Sheraton Yankee Clipper Wreck Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Reminiscent of the underwater performances that took place at the Yankee Clipper in the 1950’s and early 60’s, it is a Marina’s nod to classic Ft. Lauderdale attractions during the golden age of tourism.

Pollo Del Mar The Golden State


NSL reader ferenc writes:

Hi David,

I really like your Never Sea Land blog, and the Mermaid pictures.
A few years ago I did an ablum cover shoot with a beautiful red headed mermaid.
Use them if you like. [More pics here.]

The model’s name is Monica the Tiki Goddess.
The band is Pollo Del Mar
Thanks for your great blog,


We’re always happy to promote mermaids and contemporary surf bands.  Pollo Del Mar actively perform in the SF Bay Area (see site for dates); unfortunately their next gig conflicts with the Los Straightjackets concert in S.C. that we already have tix for.  Next time!

You can buy PdM’s The Golden State (which features Ferenc on guitar/bari guitar) at CD BABY, of course!

Why is the rum gone?

A remix.

Rustmonster releases The Flight of the Filthy Vicar

Pirate-core band RUSTMONSTER has released their second album, The Flight of the Filthy Vicar, to the great delight of fans of their first offering, the brilliant concept-album  Last Voyage of the Black Betty.  The jazz-funk/beat poetry jam “The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor” from the earlier release is one of my very favorites of the genre.

What would Caribbean pirates sing if they were alive today? The Flight of the Filthy Vicar is the definitive example of classic pirate music dragged, kicking and screaming, into the modern age. From the tribal beating-to-death of garbage cans and other invented percussion instruments to funky rhythm guitar and accordion solos, if you are a pirate fan, you will not be disappointed.

Click on the image and turn up your speakers to enjoy their rendering of “Bully in the Alley” from the new album, then swagger (or stagger) over to CD BABY to buy the whole bloody thing.