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Norseboat 21.5 videos

An update on the mini-cruiser Norseboat 21.5 from Keven Jeffrey.  They look sweet!  A real sailboat, though, and too big to row.

The series videos can be found at:

One especially compelling video was taken while sailing in Sarasota
Bay with three young kids onboard. This video helps make the case for
introducing young children to the joys of sailing. The direct link to
the video “NorseBoat 21.5 With Kids Onboard” is:

For additional information on the innovative new NorseBoat 21.5
Cruiser, please visit

Norseboat 21.5


The latest from NorseBoat… 

The NorseBoat 21.5  Sailing & Rowing Cruiser

Over the past few years we’ve had a great deal of interest in a larger version of the NorseBoat.  We like the idea of creating a versatile, high performance trailer sailor that would round out the NorseBoat family of small ships. 

We are now designing a lovely, seaworthy craft in the 21.5 ft. range with distinctly NorseBoat lines and features, plus interior accommodations, a self-draining cockpit, a choice of either a high performance cutter rig or versatile split rig, and a choice of ballasted centerboard or removable or retractable keel.  Like her sisterships the NorseBoat 21.5 has some rowing capability, the option for shallow draft explorations, and the ability to be towed with a normal vehicle.

The target price for the NorseBoat 21.5 will be CN$29,995 plus options.  The first four customers to put down a 25% deposit will have the opportunity to take an active role in the design and development of this exciting new craft, and receive their boat in time for the 2010 sailing season.  Interested in being one of those customers (we have two spaces left)?  Contact us at



Arctic Mariner Expedition Completed!



Royal Marines successfully navigate Northwest Passage in 17.5 ft. open boat

September 9, 2009, Belfast, PEI, Canada –  Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Oliver and Major Tony Lancashire of the British Royal Marines sailed, rowed and when necessary dragged their NorseBoat 17.5 across the ice in a historic 1400 mile voyage through the arctic’s Northwest Passage.  For centuries the Northwest Passage has been a lure to adventurers and explorers seeking a northern link between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.  

The expedition was conceived to support the UK based charity ‘Toe in the Water’, which uses adventure sailing to rehabilitate men and women injured serving their country.  Through the expedition the marines were able to raise awareness and significant funding for the charity.

A NorseBoat 17.5 sailing & rowing cruiser was chosen by the marines for its seaworthiness and versatility.  Built in the Canadian Maritimes by NorseBoat Limited, this craft blends high performance with classic lines.  It can be sailed, rowed by one or two persons, and used as a camp cruiser with its abundant storage and sheltered camping accommodations.   

NorseBoat president Kevin Jeffrey performed sea trials with the marines at Quantico Marine base in Virginia early May 2009.  The boat was shipped to the arctic in June and the marines began their expedition on July 24, 2009 from the town of Inuvik located on the Mackenzie river 2 degrees above the arctic circle.  After reaching the Beaufort Sea they travelled east toward the Canadian territory of Nunavut.  It took them 42 days to reach Gjoa Haven on King William Island.  

The two adventurers encountered a wide range of conditions – sailing to windward in extreme conditions, rowing on glassy seas, sailing steadily at 6 knots with strong following winds, and being locked in ice floes for days on end.  They also encountered charging bears, curious whales, and the warm, friendly people who inhabit the arctic.       

At the successful conclusion of the voyage Kevin Oliver and Tony Lancashire gave a glowing report of their NorseBoat:  Arctic Mariner has been our home for six weeks, and she has been superb.  She has been out in big seas…on, into and off the ice, beached on rocks, and there are no dents in her hull, just the odd scratch.  Her rig is simple and robust, and she can be rowed at over 3 knots by one person.  And everywhere we go, people say how pretty her lines are.”

Kevin Oliver said of the voyage: “This has not been all plain sailing, we have had 90 per cent more ice than the seasonal norm and as a consequence have had to drag the boat across ice as well as row and sail it.  The weather and local wildlife has provided us with a number of heart-stopping moments which rank among the most memorable of the trip, all of which was topped off by the hospitality of the people we met. A great adventure!”   Tony Lancashire added:“Every one of the 42 days has offered a unique experience, from the Arctic landscape and wildlife to the incredibly hospitable people that we have met in the northern communities.”

To find out more about NorseBoat sailing & rowing cruisers visit

For more details of the Arctic Mariner Expedition or to make donations to Toe In The Water charity visit






Arctic Mariner expedition nears halfway point


Location: 68.38. 06N 109.37.05W
Wind: 8 – 10 Kts Westerly.
Cloudy. Light rain.

20 August, 2009

We finished early yesterday after struggling in frustrating winds, and having suffered the expectation of forecasted favourable conditions. Once landed, we scrambled up an 800ft escarpment in the vain hope of finding a radar station manned. Although there was no one present, we enjoyed incredible views from the top. We returned to the boat for a sociable dinner with French wine given to us by Phillipe. The wine was probably more chilled than Phillipe had intended and sadly we only had each other for company! We woke at 0430 to west winds but struggled with inflatable rollers to get the boat afloat as low tide thwarted our departure. We succeeded and we are now making good speed. We’ve got about 100 miles to go to Cambridge Bay, so should arrive late Friday/early Saturday.


Two Royal Marines, Kevin Oliver and Tony Lancashire, are right now making Canada’s Northwest Passage, sailing, rowing, and at times dragging their Norseboat 17.5 sail/row cruiser thousands of miles to raise awareness and money for the  UK charity Toe in the Water, a group which “aims to inspire the men and women who have sustained often traumatic injuries, including the loss of limbs, to move beyond their disability and to become re-inspired by life.” 

Good luck and fair winds! 

Norseboats at Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan 2009

NSL friend and French Norseboat enthusiast/dealer writes…

Hello David !

News feed for your NeverSeaLand website !

8 Norseboats sailing together ! …

2 new videos of Norseboats taken during the “Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan” event in France end of may 2009 [see below].
More videos at:

And news and pictures about the Semaine du Golf and the _ norseboats participatig at:
and at:

All the Best



Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan – Samedi 23 Mai 2009

Semaine du Golfe du Morbihan – Ascension 2009

Thanks, Nicolas, those look awesome! And I see Kevin made it across the ocean to enjoy the incredible sailing with you.

Norseboat: Navigation sur le Bassin d’Arcachon

New Norseboat video from Nicolas in France.   Le Bassin d’Arcachon (near Cap Ferat on Biscay Bay) looks to be idea small-craft cruising grounds.


Searaven update


The new owner of the Searaven was kind enough to send me this update.   We’re very happy they are enjoying her.

Dave – So far the Sea Raven has been a great success!  We have rowed out to Bodega Rock 3 times – a very sea-worthy boat. Next weekend we will be on the TSCA camp out at Tomales Bay and hopefully try out the sails.
– Harold 

Searaven memories


We are still feeling a little blue about selling Searaven.  Here she is in our driveway, as seen in Google StreetView.



Well it happened.  Searaven has been sold, and has gone off to her new family in Bodega Bay.  We wish them fair winds and great adventures!

Norseboat 17.5 Searaven is for sale

The girls and I have another big project in the works, so we have decided to sell our beloved Searaven and let someone else have fun with her.  See pricing, pics, and full specs here

Norseboat pics of the day




In May 2008 French NorseBoat agent Nicolas Galais and his wife took part in the Vogalonga rowing event in Venice, Italy. This event has been described as “a protest, a get-together and non-competitive race rolled into one.” They also had some time to sail while they were there. This photo shows Nicolas setting a course for the famous Plaza San Marcos., Norseboat newsletter

Norseboat pic of the day


“Sunset on Mobile Bay” by Shepard Partridge

Return to Tomales Bay

Over a long weekend of April 17 – 20 the Searavens returned to Tomales Bay for a camping and sailing adventure.   Our last trip is documented here

The approach to the mouth of the bay, overlooking Dillon Beach and the campground.

Searaven under tow.

Annika communes with a windswept boulder.

Nick’s Cove launch site in the misty morning chill.

Moody shot, under oars in the still morning.

Hog Island abandoned castle.

A lone baby seal on the sandspit.  He did not look at all well.

Searaven anchorage, Hog Island.

Leaving Hog Island, the sun comes out.  Later the wind picked up enough to start blowing whitecaps.

The happy explorer.

Secret beach, Point Reyes.   The previous day we had seen elk on these slopes through the spotting scope of a friendly fellow camper.  Next year, load the tent on Searaven for a real beach camping trip?

Norseboat for sale

on Yachtworld.

Alternate Norseboat


The things you can find on eBay.

Buy it Now – A rare gem. A Viking Ship called the Blue Dragon. This is 1 of only 4 ships made. Fine Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. All hand crafted with fine attention to detail. Fiber glass hull with all teak wood decks and rich cherry wood veneers on the captain’s helm,cabin interior and window trim. Captain’s Helm is equipped with Compass, RPM, Digital Depth and Speed. Three cylinder Volvo Penta Diesel inboard power with bow thrusters in the hull for easy maneuverability. Boat cruises at about 10 knots. Extremely economical to run. Square viking sail is functional and ship sails with the wind nicely. Cabin has removable round table with Bed for two and sky light. Kitchenette with stainless steel sink, fridge and infared stove. Bathroom with head, sink and shower. Cabin is equipped with clarion in-deck Radio/Cd/TV player. On-deck video camera viewable from inside the cabin. Cabin has heater. No AC, but could easily be installed if desired. Boat has 10 removable Viking Shields and is equipped with 10 Viking Helmets in case you need to pillage and plunder as you journey on your way. Boat runs/operates like new. In excellent shape, with only a few minor blemishes. This boat is a real head turner and ALWAYS a crowd pleaser. New bimini sun shades as of last year. Currently docked at a marina in Austin Tx. The serious buyer is invited out for a cruise on scenic Lake Travis. Trailer is included in sale. *** Update – Minor blemishes are shown in two pictures. Window wood discoloration. Also, small wood gouge around bumper area. Sail is bleached and probably needs replacement – it’s material is woven cotton – red and white. There is a small chip in the fiber glass in one place. This boat originally sold for $150,000 New. The Blue Dragon is set to sell at the depreciated price of $70,000. It is sure to appreciate in price from here on out!! As true of a collector as you will ever find!!! Thanks for looking – Buy it now, or make us an offer.