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Norseboat adventurers TV interview

Norseboat adventurers Gary and Connie Hoffman describe their trip down the Mississippi.  See also Gary’s written account with photos on the Norseboat Owners Site, and their interview on Furled Sails.

Norseboat Mississippi adventure featured on Furled Sails

 Gary and Connie Hoffman were recently interviewed on the FurledSails podcast, in which they discuss their 1200+ mile voyage by Norseboat down the Mississippi River.  Great stuff!

Furled Sails

Photos and story on Norseboat Owners Site

Norseboat Seaworthiness

I took the small craft capsize and seaworthiness test on the Small Craft Advisor site and the Norseboat scored a 116, as seen below.   What’s your trailerable sailboat rate?


Norseboat pics of the day

Charles, skipper of Natsiq wites:

Voici qlq photos d’une petite rando avec bivouac sous la tente à bord du Norseboat que nous avons faite, fin sept. 2007

amarré au pied de la tour Constance (Aigues-Mortes) [moored at the foot of the tower Constance (Aigues)]

aux avirons, mat remisé sous les plat-bords pour passer sous les ponts [under oars, mast stored under floor-boards to pass under bridges]norseboat-natsiq-september-2007-02.jpg

petit-déjeuner, étang du Ponant (entre La Grande Motte et Le Grau-du-Roi)  [breakfast, pond du Ponant (between La Grande Motte and the Grau-du-Roi)]

au mouillage, tôt le matin, sud de l’étang du Ponant  [at anchor, early in the morning south of the pond du Ponant]

retour vent arrière sous foc seul, en famille, vers Port-Camargue [returning downwind under jib alone, as a family, to Port-Camargue]

Today’s Norseboat videos

2 Norseboats en Méditerranée
Taken: 05 September 2007
  Location:Saint-Tropez, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France


Quelques bords en Norseboat 17.5
filmé penadant les “Vieilles Coques” de Concarneau en Juillet 2007 – France
  Taken: 01 July 2007
  Location: Concarneau, France

Norseboat 17.5 Voile & Avirons
Taken: 27 June 2007
  Location: Loire, France

Today’s videos of Norseboats in France enjoying some great sailing (and rowing), from mon beau bateau. 

Norseboat pic of the day: Flâneries provençales en duo voile-aviron


C’est à la fin du mois de juillet que nous nous sommes retrouvés, Natsiq et Etoile Polaire, 2 petits sisterships voile-aviron Norseboat, pour aller flâner, le temps d’une journée, le long des côtes varoises.

Objectif : faire une petite randonnée, naviguer dans les quelques faibles risées d’une belle journée d’été et aller retrouver des amis dans une crique pour y pique-niquer …

Norseboat sisterships Natsiq and Etoile Polaire on a sail off the French Mediterranian coast.  More pictures and text here.  Thank to Nicolas Galais for the link!

Norseboat pic of the day — more modern Huck Finns!

As the nights cooled more and more as we went south but the water temp stayed warm, we started to have river fog for an hour or two every morning, not to mention a hell of a lot of condensation inside our boat tent which would drip on us during the night unless I lay on my back and used a towel at 2 am and 6 am to wipe it off! You can see Connie emerging from the boat tent in this photo; a great alternative to taking everything off the boat and camping on shore.

See more pictures and read of Gary and Connie Hoffman’s 1100-mile voyage down the rivers of mid-America at the Norseboat Owner’s Site.

Norseboat pic of the day


Beautiful shot of a Norseboat ‘with a bone in her teeth.’  French sea photographer Jean Marie Liot shot this Norseboat 17.5 sailing near La Rochelle, France – October 2007.

Link with more pics

Norseboat video clip of the day


Salon Nautique de Paris : Norseboat 17.5

Norseboat pic of the day


“Dog Days in the Adirondacks” by Philip Petty, aboard his Norseboat After Math.

Norseboat pictures of the day

These great pics were sent to me by Charles Boyer de Bouillane, who sails his Norseboat 17.5  Natsiq in his lovely home waters of southern France.   Unlike most of us daysailors, Charles and his wife make full use of the camp cruising capabilities of the boat. 






Norseboat pic of the day


Don Charles rows his Norseboat 17.5 near his homeport of Ketchikan, Alaska.

New Norseboat Owners Website


There is a new website up for owners, prospective owners, and enthusiasts of the Norseboat.

Thanks for clicking over to have a look.  There is a growing gallery of photos, and for registered users (you don’t need to be an owner to register) there is a discussion forum and an owner director/map area.

Norseboat News from Natsiq


Hello David,

Here are some pics showing “Natsiq”, our n°43 Norseboat sailing in France.
We did appreciate how the Norseboat’s hull goes easily (keeping us dry) through the waves (up to 1m, when speedy huge motorboats cross our ride), around Med’ coast.
You can post some as you like in your nice website: “Neversealand”.
You can view some other in “” (go to “récentes navigations”, “photos”, “2 Norseboats en Méditerranée”): [link] we went sailing with Norseboat n°54 along French Riviera “Côte d’Azur”.
Did you sail your Norseboat this Summer?

Take care,
from south of France.

Thanks for the pictures, Charles!  I am glad you are having fun.  Indeed, I find that the Norseboat’s excellent ability to handle steep chop and boat wakes is one of it’s most practical features.  

This has been the summer of rowing for Searaven, and the centerboard has been out of her as part of an upgrade.  On older Norseboats, the centerboard is a bit loose in the trunk and when the wind is slack and the boat is rolling it bangs and makes the trunk flex, and one worries about the trunk-floor joint.  I understand these problems have been fixed now, but this summer we took out the centerboard, hogged out a big space and made a lead weight to make the centerboard heavier.  What we didn’t know was that the centerboard is itself filled with a kind of putty that has small lead pellets in it.   The lead weight (about 12 lbs, 5 kg) was epoxied in place, faired and painted.  I made some clamps so that the forward thwart can be fixed to the rails, and there are angle irons on the bottom of the thwart that keep the trunk from flexing.  All this strengthening was with an eye toward accomplishing my long-time dream of sailing Searaven from Santa Cruz to Monterey, 22 nm across the open ocean.   

More pictures of Natsiq:





Click the picture below to see a large gallery of two Norseboats sailing the Med — fantastic!  The parent page for other photo galleries is here.


Simply adorable

Click to embiggen

The new Norseboat 12.5 has been announced!  She is a cute baby sister to the standard 17.5′ model.   You can vote for her in SAIL’s boat-of-the-year contest here.