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Temerity’s First Cruise


We took Temerity on her first cruise, starting with an overnight in our slip in Alameda Friday, July 3 and returning on Friday July 10.  Above, our route — Blue: Day 1, Alameda to China Camp.    Green: days 2 and 3, up the Petaluma River and down, to Benicia.  Red: Day 4, Benicia to Potato Slough.  Black: Day 5, Potato Slough to Benicia.  Yellow: Benicia to Alameda.

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Searaven memories


We are still feeling a little blue about selling Searaven.  Here she is in our driveway, as seen in Google StreetView.



Well it happened.  Searaven has been sold, and has gone off to her new family in Bodega Bay.  We wish them fair winds and great adventures!

Return to Tomales Bay

Over a long weekend of April 17 – 20 the Searavens returned to Tomales Bay for a camping and sailing adventure.   Our last trip is documented here

The approach to the mouth of the bay, overlooking Dillon Beach and the campground.

Searaven under tow.

Annika communes with a windswept boulder.

Nick’s Cove launch site in the misty morning chill.

Moody shot, under oars in the still morning.

Hog Island abandoned castle.

A lone baby seal on the sandspit.  He did not look at all well.

Searaven anchorage, Hog Island.

Leaving Hog Island, the sun comes out.  Later the wind picked up enough to start blowing whitecaps.

The happy explorer.

Secret beach, Point Reyes.   The previous day we had seen elk on these slopes through the spotting scope of a friendly fellow camper.  Next year, load the tent on Searaven for a real beach camping trip?

Memorial Day Cruisin’


Over the weekend, the Searavens enjoyed an overnight cruise out of Santa Cruz.  The boat we had originally reserved was down for maintenance, so Marc gave us a free upgrade to Dropping Anchor, a brand-new Catalina 350.  I think this may be the biggest boat I have skippered.   


Right outside the harbor, we got rolled by this sweet Ultimate 24, doing nearly twice our speed in the light air.  Thirteen feet of beam is a lot to drag through the water.   We felt a bit better though as they slow-tacked, and revealed their dangling fenders.


Char shares a mood.  We moored at Capitola and spent the night on the boat after a brief shore leave.


Lots of wildlife this trip:  otters, porposes, the usual seals and sea lions, and the best treat, a small grey whale feeding just 1/4 mile outside the S.C. harbor entrance.

photo credit: Char

Boat of car: Redwood City, 8 March 2008


Spotted on March 8, this little yellow sportscar driving down the launch ramp at Redwood City, into the water, and off!  In spite of all the spray and noise, she moved very slowly, no more than 3 kts.   About 90 min later, the Searavens spotted this vessel headed back to the dock, under tow from a jetski.  We had our hands a bit full at the time, reaching at 5 kts and dipping the rail, so sorry there is not photo of that.  It was pretty fun to blow past the stinkpotter though!

Whaling-in the New Year

The Searavens celebrated New Year’s Day by chartering S/V Mungo Jerrie, a Catalina 320, for a whale watching mission off Santa Cruz.  No whales were spotted, but we enjoyed the sun, nice breeze, calm seas, and 50+ nm visibility.

Annika on helm.

Char looks for whalesign.

Bruddah Nappy from the SC Outrigger Canoe Club was out with another OC-6 on a training paddle.  This boat is named, I’m sure, for Nappy Napoleon, the Hawaiian paddling legend.  You can see his club’s boats here.

“Still Life with Winch Handle”

Super-sweet yawl seen off Natural Arches beach.



“Six days shalt thou labor and do all thou art able,
And on the seventh—holystone the decks and scrape the cable.”

     — The “Philadelphia Catechism” from Richard Henry Dana’s Two Years Before the Mast

Sadly, holystoning was discontinued by the US Navy way back in 1931.

Fishing Santa Cruz

We kicked off Memorial Day Weekend with a cold, overcast fishing trip to Santa Cruz.  Sea conditions were mild, and the 2.5nm row out to the reef was warming.

After about 45 seconds of fishing with the new Point Wilson Dart, we hooked up this undersized little rockfish.

Annika soon hooked herself this little Ling, which we likewise threw back.

Some sealions entertained us in a kelp bed on our way back.  We also saw jellies, seals, dolphin, and a sea otter.

Still chilly as we arrive in harbor.

The new rec/racing cat Lightspeed 32 was rigging in the parking lot.  I had read about it in Latitude 38, it looked like a fast and very high quality boat.

Searaven Reloaded


Updates to the “Searaven’s Adventures” page on the sidebar. 

Here are presented pictures and some information on the adventures of S/V Searaven, a Norseboat 17.5, sailing and rowing the waters of Northern California.

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Lucky kitty


Gavin, the blog-master of, informs us that black cats are lucky at sea.  Good, we’ve got one.  Meet Avery, the fourth member of the crew.  He is named, among other things, for a famous pirate.

Meet the crew


The crew of the Searaven contemplate the vastness of the Sea, on the shore near Monterey.