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Mermaid watching

Aloha, and Happy Friday!   For your viewing pleasure, Marina the Fire-Eating  Mermaid entertains to the strains of the Tikiyaki Orchestra.   Any more awesomeness in one small space would make this post implode.

Birgus latro ripped my flesh

I have a large tattoo of a coconut crab, Birgus latro, climbing up my left calf. Somehow it seems I never posted about this on NSL.   I had it done in Kailua right after the Pacific Cup last year, the artist is Laura Naylor.

The picture above is from when the tattoo was only a day or so old, it has lightened considerably since then.  There is a long story about me and coconut crabs that comes from when I was a little boy and we lived for a time on Kwajalein Atoll.    The pic below, which I stumbled on just  today,  is worth a thousand words.

Thanks to Grottu for the find, the original post is here.

Not Hawaii Five-O?

How did I miss this?   And,  just as in the new, ‘reimaged’ Hawaii Five-O now on TV, they have Kono played by a girl.

Today’s mermaid


Adventures in Paradise

First historical episode of the  Adventures of Paradise  series, broadcasted on ABC TV on 5th October 1959. Starring Gardner McKay, as Adam Troy, captain of the schooner Tiki.  Swilling down rum while watching the box set souns like a great idea — searching eBay now!



It can’t happen too soon!




Today’s Fire-eating Tiki Orion Mermaid Slave-girl


Marina has it ALL.

Marina is today’s tiki mermaid


Marina the Mermaid month, Day 9.

Hell of a holiday

We’re meeting Santa tonight! 

Mermaid album cover of the day


Les Baxter’s exotica release Jewels of the Sea, featuring Diane Webber (star of Mermaids of Tiburon) on the cover.  What doesn’t it have!

Hukilau 2009


Mark those calendars..


RIP Yma Sumac


I got some sad news this morning on the Quiet Villiage podcast on the passing of Yma Sumac (obit, site, other site, wikiallmusic, youtube), the amazing Peruvian singer.  She had an amazing vocal range (four octaves) and personal style.  Raise your Pisco Sour high tonight to this amazing artist and cultural icon.

Get your ‘uke on


Wine Country ‘Ukulele Festival
St. Helena, California    October 10 – 11, 2008

A celebration of the ‘ukulele and the rich cultural heritage of the Hawaiian Islands, open to the public with proceeds to benefit Nimbus Arts, a not-for-profit corporation supporting art and music in the Napa Valley

Way too many activities, music, dancing, and food to detail here — check it out! Thanks to coruscate at Tiki Central for the find.

Forbidden Island Cocktail Competition

Strangely, this is not promoted on FI’s own website.


Forbidden Island is pleased to announce its first ever Customer Cocktail Competition! Now is your chance to gain an incredibly small amount of fame and glory and have your cocktail featured on our Fall Cocktail Specials menu! So get to work and craft your masterpiece:


  • All recipes must be submitted by email to no later than 12:00PM PDT September 12th for consideration.
  • All recipes should be expressed in ounces, (or fractions of ounces), dashes, or drops. No hot drinks.
  • Include detailed instructions including preparation (e.g. shaken/stirred/blended), name, garnish, and glassware.
  • Any spirit category is eligible- you don’t have to mix with rum, and no preference will be given to any particular base spirit.
  • Spirits selected should be of appropriate quality, but not over the top. In other words, recipes calling for $200-a-bottle cognac will have other ingredients substituted.
  • Seasonal & local products are always preferred. We can supply just about anything, however things like “pickled turkey gizzards” will be disqualified.
  • JUDGING: The top ten finalists will be selected by Martin, and then prepared and tasted blindly by our panel of judges- the Forbidden Island Staff. They will know what the name of the drink is and the ingredients but not whose recipe it is.
  • Grand Prize will be a Forbidden Island Gift Card, and of course your name on the specials menu. Plus the satisfaction that comes with “a job well done.”
  • Contest is open to members of our exclusive email list and readers of Tiki Central. It will help if we’ve seen your face in the bar at least once. 

There’s no time to lose! Get crackin’!

Three of my drinks have been submitted, I’ll be happy to see one of them in the top ten!