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Marshall Islands outrigger

This video has everything!

  • Marshall Islands (I lived there as a child)
  • Outrigger sailing
  • Coconut crabs!

Thanks to 70.8% for the find.

Ulua and other progress


Over the weekend I ripped temporary gunwhales for the Ulua (and got some practice scarfing) and installed spreader sticks to keep the hull in the proper shape while glassing the inside and fitting the decks and other bits.  We also squeezed in a backyard project, making a tree-perch per Charlotte’s concept and specifications.


Ulua progress: off the molds!

Finally completed the 3 coats of epoxy on the outside of the hull, and sanded off the drips (and most of the epoxy).  The interior does not look as bad as it might.  The hull was amazingly light to pick up, maybe only 20 – 30 lbs without deck, gunwhales, and other fittings.  Upright, the impression of depth and freeboard is much greater, and it is clear that the fancy tapering of the planks will be invisible when she is in the water. 




Uluas of the world


The Ulua Hawaiian sailing outrigger.  Over 100 sets of plans purchased…  how many built/building? 

I will update and add to this this as I find out more.  Here is what I know today.  If you are building an Ulua, drop me a line!

  1. Gary Dierking himself — multiples, including this fiberglass one for some clients.  Also a white one and a red one?
  2. Me   as you have been reading all along, I hope!  A work in progress.  Standard 18′ length, will rig to sail, possibly rig with ‘broken wing’ for sailing.
  3. Ted Hardie.  Standard 18′ foot length, located Big Island, Hawaii.  No manu, currently not rigged for sailing, but he says he has plans. More here.
  4. Kent Robertson.  Location: Kauai, North Carolina.  Beautiful construction, damaged during shipping to Hawaii, status unknown.
  5. Dan St. Gean.   2 hulls built (?) one as a  21′ tri.  Manu per Gary’s instructions.  Also see here.  He has also been helpful with some advice.
  6. David Lowry.  Washington state.  Stretched design to 24′.  Sailing with rig from previous boat on lakes of Eastern Washington.  We have corresponded, and I thank him for his help. 
  7. Ben Corbett’s 24′ (7.5M) stretch Ulua equipped with a paddle racing style ama.
  8. Adam Hussey.  Sailing rig, standard length, Kauai, Hawaii.
  9. Michael Litter.  SF bay area.  24-foot stretch.   We had a few emails early in the project, and I see he has a photo of his hull on Gary’s site, otherwise I don’t know his progress.
  10. Paul Luginbuhl.  Standard length, in Switzerland?
  11. Bill Dochnahl.  27 footer under construction (?)  Pic from Gary’s site. More here.

Ulua Update

As I write, the Ulua project is at the 1 year and 14 day mark.  This weekend we glassed the vaka and applied two coats of epoxy.   The shot below is a teaser for the end result.  More details after the break…

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The shape of things to come


Man that Xterra roof looks short.  Ulua length = 18feet, beam with ama attached ~ 6 feet, i.e. somewhat larger than the car.  Time for a RackandRoll

Outrigger vahines of the day






The bigger the manu



Pretty inspiring manu design ideas for the Ulua.

Ted Hardie’s beauty



Found on the Guillemont bulletin board.  link

I am stunned.  Mr. Hardie lives on the Big Island, and will get to enjoy his Ulua in its proper setting.

OC-1 surfing Fort Point

Not sure we are going to get to this level with the Ulua.

Outrigger surfing

Indigenous Boats blog


A new blog on indigenous boats is up, looks interesting.  The author is an editor at International Marine, publisher of Gary Dierking’s book on sailing outriggers.  Thanks to Gavin at for the find!

Now if only Bob will change his default font to a larger size so I can read it!

Hawai’ian Sailing Canoes

Patagonia- Hawaiian Sailing Canoes: Kane’ohe Bay to Hale’iwa


Watch as three- and six-person teams in Hawaiian sailing canoes race around the northeast corner of O’ahu. Starting at Kane’ohe Bay, the boats speed through the 40-mile course over sandbars and shallow reefs, through wind swell and changing winds to the finish in Hale’iwa. The six-person sailing canoes are 45-feet long with the main hull only 18 inches wide and are steered with a paddle. The three-person canoes are 30-feet long. Canoes hit speeds of 15 to 18 knots in wind and waves.

HIIAKA Maui Sailing Canoe


Hawaiian Sailing Canoes on KGMB9 News

Hawaiian Sailig Canoe Association gets coverage on the News by Liz Chun from KGMB9 News – she interviews Terry Galpin, Nakoa Prejean, Jane MCKEE … The association perpetuates this ancient Hawaiian culture by visiting all of the major Hawaiian Islands every year during its race series. They start from the Big Island got to Maui, then Moloka’i to Oahu and finally to Kauai…  All Action footage filmed by Alex Reinprecht from Hawaiian Xtreme Sports TV.

Thanks to Anarchist kim whitmyre for the find!

Today’s outrigger vahine


is Yamila Diaz from last year’s SI Swimsuit issue.

Friday outrigger vahine