Information page on racing, sailing, and refit of Olson 34 Temerity, for interested crew and others.

  • Blog entries about the boat and the sailing of it:  Category  Temerity
  • Temerity Racing schedule and emergency ID information on the boat at
  • If you do two races in a season, you get a fabulous T-shirt
  • For Bay races it is assumed you have your own foulies and PFD
  • For races outside the Gate add harness, tether, headlamp (red), knife, personal strobe
  • For overnight, add sleeping bag, etc.
  • Generally the boat will provide snacks, apples, soft drinks, coffee, hot chocolate,  bottled water, beer, rum, limes, and some sandwich materials.   Crew needing a more substantial lunch should pack their own supplement.   This is because I never know what people want, or remember who cannot stand mustard or pickles or whatever.  Sometimes there is a BBQ at the dock when we get home.
  • Please be prompt for Boat Call.  We usually have a pretty long way to motor to the start.
  • Some general info on the Olson 34 [under construction]

Questions?   Email the skipper.



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